Saturday, April 24, 2010

How about this name for a girl? Does it sound ghetto/?

Do you like the name Brookelynn for a girl or maybe a different spelling?

How about this name for a girl? Does it sound ghetto/?
Brooklyn is a beautiful name my cousins has it, I love it!
Reply:That sounds like a nice name, but I'd spell it more traditionally - BROOKLYN. If you go with a spelling that is too unique, then she'll be correcting people on how to spell her name for the rest of her life (which can be a little annoying). It is a unique/special enough name that it doesn't need a special way to spell it! :)
Reply:I named my daughter Brooke i almost did brookelyn but finding a middle name i found difficult. Needless to say we are white and her name is Brooke and everyone i have come across likes it. We used Elizabeth as a middle name.
Reply:I like the name spelled Brooklyn. When my aunt was pregnant she actually considered the names Brooke and Lynn as first and middle names.
Reply:Brooklin is my favorite spelling for that name. or Brooke-Lynn. it's a really pretty name.
Reply:i not a fan of those names..but if u like it i wouldnt spell it with an "e", or i like it if her 1st name was brooke and middle name was lynne or lyn or lynn
Reply:I like it, but it's too long a name for a kid to learn . . (I know from experience but shortened it should be great!)
Reply:i say braiylee, bryndall or brylee is better(if u want it too start with a B)...although if u did name it that u could call her brooke 4short
Reply:Not another with the Brooklyn. Geez. Name her Brooke Anne, or Brooke Leigh, or Brooke Claire, just not Brooklyn.
Reply:Yes, but there are way too many letters.

I love the name, but please, spell it like Brooklyn

It's just so much more simple.
Reply:I like it but with a different spelling

Reply:might as well call her shaneequa laquiffa.
Reply:I have heard it alot lately but really do not like it reminds me of the bridge
Reply:I like and it's not ghetto but I'd spell it Brooklyn or Brooklynn
Reply:i like it. its cute.

you could also spell it brooklyn
Reply:Brooklyn is cute. I know a girl name Brooklyn, however you should spell it like this. B-r-o-o-k-l-y-n
Reply:I love that name Brooklyn for a girl Name her that.
Reply:Not ghetto...just bad.
Reply:Brooklyn is much nicer way to spell it!! and no it doesnt sound ghetto!
Reply:That's a cute name, spelled like that too.
Reply:i think it's a really pretty name and it doesn't sound ghetto
Reply:nope who names there kid after a city.. It's a city. Enough said
Reply:Brooklynn... no it's a pretty name.
Reply:I think it should be Brooke for the first name and Lynn as the middle name...
Reply:i like it spelled that way its a good name

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