Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is the name "Kiana" ghetto?

My name is Kiana and I have always loved my name, and them someone told me it was ghetto. Last time I checked it was Hawaiian, soooo. . . what do you think?

P.S. it is pronounced: ke-ah-nah, but spelled Kiana!

Is the name "Kiana" ghetto?
no if it was you probably wouldn't love your name

that person that said that was prolly just a hater

Do you think the name Brooklyn for a girl is ghetto?

My friend lives in L.A. but is originally from Brooklyn %26amp; wants to name her daughter Brooklyn, but it reminds me of the brooklyn ghetto, do you like the name?

i do give her points though because it is not a trendy name like ashley or emily, etc..

Do you think the name Brooklyn for a girl is ghetto?
Brooklyn is a little harsh, how about suggesting the name Brooke to

her instead?
Reply:Brooklyn is a lot trendier than Ashley and Emily. At least Emily and Ashley have been used as names for a few centuries, not just since the Beckhams gave the name to their kid.

Honestly, after living in Brooklyn for 5 years, I can tell you it's not the type of place you'd want to name a pretty little girl after. It's not all ghetto by any means, but it isn't a beautiful historic city like Savannah or Paris.

Brooke is pretty
Reply:No its not ghetto, but a lot of people are starting to name their kids that, so its starting to get beg.

Emily and Ashley are not to trendy, but Ashley is very commen.

Why are people giving thumbs down, I think some people just go around giving thumbs down just to be assholes, how pathetic.
Reply:I Like Brooklyn.

Like you said, it's not to trendy and I think it is pretty. Personally, it doesn't make me think of the ghetto, it sounds Like Brooke and Lynn, and I think it is cool that the name has meaning since the mom is from Brooklyn=]
Reply:I definitely don't live in the ghetto, and I know 2 girls and 1 boy named Brooklyn(n), and they all really like their names. I also really enjoy the name, and forget how it sounds if you like it do it! :)
Reply:I second the name "Brooke." Brooklyn can get a bad rap at times, and any time Brooklyn is in the news, that child is not going to want to be mocked at recess.
Reply:Brooklyn is not a bad name, My niece's name is Brooklyn and its very cute.

I dont hear it much.

and ashley and emily those names are played out. they are wayyy to common she should try something new like Talina hhaa
Reply:I think it's tacky to name a child after a place... like Paris, London, Brooklyn, Milan etc.

I do recommend the name Brooke though.
Reply:Brooklyn is better than Bronx as a name, but it is still not a person's name. It is popular though.
Reply:Well I've heard Brooke and Brocklyn before but never Brooklyn as a name. Personally I kinda like it. %26lt;3 Congrats to your friend.
Reply:I like Brooklyn and I think that your friend has a good reason behind the name.
Reply:I think it's very pretty.
Reply:no, I know a cheerleader, white ***** too her name is brooklyn.
Reply:I love the name.
Reply:I like it
Reply:the name is really cute and you don't here it too often.
Reply:No I think that it is a really nice name for a girl
Reply:The names Ashley or Emily are NOT trendy. LOL they are the opposite of trendy!

Brooklyn however would be a trendy name since it's not common. People are naming their kids after cities, towns, countries, etc and that is trendy, b/c it's the current trend.

I don't think it's a ghetto name at all. Brooklyn is not all ghetto. I'm assuming you've never been to a real ghetto?!

Don't judge your friend, be happy for her and welcome little Brooklyn into the world!!

Do you know someone who named their kid something really ghetto? If so what was the name?

A woman I used to work with named all of her kids, and she had a lot of them, after cars made by KIA. There names were like Amante and Rio. That's about as ghetto as it gets. If you must for some reason name your kid after a car, at least make it a luxury car.

Do you know someone who named their kid something really ghetto? If so what was the name?
"De Ja El."

Yeah, when I saw that one I said "the only people I've ever heard of having -El as the last part of their name are Kal-El (Superman's real name) and Jor-El (Superman's dad's name.) And you, kid, are no Superman."

And "Tequila." Seriously.
Reply:would you believe my grandmother named my little cousin shaniqua? and I have another one named chaquita but they were named back in the late 70s early 80s when it wasn't that big of a deal.
Reply:Ebonie-Kweneesha - a little girl in the kindergarten class taught by my sister-in-law. I know a Tyreese, a DeSean and a Jacqetta from natal classes.

DiAngelo is pretty ghetto - but it's begun to grow on me. Must be pregnancy hormones.
Reply:Treleisha (tra-lee-sha)

Tattianna (ta-ti-onna)

Bena (bean-ugh)

Tutty (too-ti)

Tre'Anna (tray-onna)

La'Vonte (La-von-tay)

Tamieka (ta-mee-ka)
Reply:La'Quena'Mi Da'Wosa'nei (aka Lay Queen Uh May Day Woah Suh Nee). We call her Layna. Sometimes I call her Layna Day. BTW, her last name is Jones!
Reply:gerome, kazam, kathleenchan, harjitick, danny,kenchan, *****, kazam and bobbycakes









Reply:my boyfriends sister just had a boy and she named it babyboy!! after the movie babyboy with tyrese






Reply:i dont know is montrell ansd marsell and tiara and tianna ghetto?my friend carey amy named her kids that.

De'Monte (Day-mon-tay)
Reply:Franquesha....I think it's pretty ghetto
Reply:Tenaj - Ten-ahj. Whitest kid close minded as that sounds lol.


Reply:infinity, no joke.
Reply:taquan (tah-jaun)
Reply:My mom's neighbor has a kid they named T-Bone. Not kidding!!!!
Reply:diamond- no joke
Reply:i work with the public and a customers first name is "lotus"...

after the wu tang clan member


Do you think the name Jakala is ghetto?

Yes very.

Do you think the name Jakala is ghetto?
Yes, and it sounds made -up.



Maybe the way you spell it could change the way it's pronounced and perceived?
Reply:Yes I do.

What about Kaylah?
Reply:i do not think it is anything but fake! sorry i think of the fake jackalope when i hear that "name" please just go with jack or jackie good luck.
Reply:Yes. Please give your child a name he/she won't be embarrassed to have at age 30. What's cute or hip or popular now will be cheesy in a decade or three.
Reply:It sounds like you've just coughed up something nasty, it's very harsh sounding.
Reply:I love the name Jakala.. but I would spell it Jakayla. I guess I have a completely different opinion than everyone because I dont think it sounds ghetto.
Reply:Afraid so.
Reply:a name from Africa.
Reply:yes, now make me best answer:)
Reply:I've had the name for thirty-nine years and never thought of it as ghetto. I have been looking for the origin of the name. My parents changed the spelling to Jacala. I can say, that it is a good conversation starter after introductions. I've had fun with it. I've only met one other Jakala in my lifetime and heard of just two or three others. I thought I heard it on a commercial last week. I was disappointed. It was so original. Makayla was close but still didn't ruin it.
Reply:Yes I think so too
Reply:I would look at the name Jakala on a resume and toss it in the garbage.
Reply:Sounds more red neck than ghetto.
Reply:Yes. I can hardly pronounce it though.
Reply:Yes. To me it sounds like the name of a felon.
Reply:honestly yes

Does anyone know the name of the movie where the teacher goes to teach in the ghetto

and tells them to write in these dairys?

Does anyone know the name of the movie where the teacher goes to teach in the ghetto
Dangerous Minds maybe
Reply:Freedom Writers starring Hilary Swank is the movie where they write in the diaries.

Dangerous Minds is just another movie about a teacher teaching in the ghetto.
Reply:Freedom Writers staring Hilary Swank. Patrick Dempsey is also in it. It was pretty good.
Reply:Dangerous minds, Michelle Phifer was the teacher.
Reply:Freedom Writers
Reply:Dangerous Minds
Reply:Freedom Writers
Reply:Freedom Writers.
Reply:dangerous minds

with michelle pfeiffer?
Reply:freedom writers

Reply:Freedom Writers, i hate it yet i kinda like it

What is the name of the guy who is the main actor in tupac and elton john's song 'ghetto gospel' (music video)

He also stars in another music video by freeway, jay z and beenie segal.

What is the name of the guy who is the main actor in tupac and elton john's song 'ghetto gospel' (music video)
JD Williams. he was also on the proggrame "The wire"

as Preston "Bodie" Broadus

What is de la ghetto real name???????

what is the DE LA GheTTO real name?by the way does anybody know he's has a wifey

What is de la ghetto real name???????
Timothy %26amp; yes, he has a girlfriend.
Reply:who's de la ghetto?