Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are These Names Ghetto? lol?

My Mom Told Me These Are The Ghettoiest Girl Names Ever...But Ive Had These Names Since I Was In 6th Grade And I Dont Think Ill Ever Forget Them. BTW Im 18.

Dajiana Janay (Da-she-ana)

Kazzmier Cartiar(Cass-meer Cart-ti-air)

%26amp; Maiya Janay(thats my name) (pronounced maya)

She Also Told Me My Boys Names Were Ghetto

Jeremiah Markey

Lyor Martell(lee-or)

%26amp; Miso Jameer (mee-so)

Wat Cha'll Think?

Are These Names Ghetto? lol?
Your names are indeed a bit ghetto. Especially Kazzmier Cartiar. ;) It sounds exactly like something a 6th grader would dream for her future baby girl. While you clearly have imagination, don't let it run wild while naming your potential child. Discuss your suggestions with the father when the time comes. Who knows, he might like your suggestions. ;) I like the fact that you used Janay as a middle name, since it's also your middle name if I understood correctly. I think it's a good idea to recycle the names in the family to create tradition. Dajiana although a bit ghetto like your Mom suggested is nevertheless a pretty name imo. I'm not sure if that pronounciation is suggested by the spelling though. Dasheana would be easier for teachers, classmates and so forth but also a less appealing spelling. Kazzmier makes me crack up, sorry. It would be a darling name for a posh dog, but not a girl child. :) Consider Cassandra or something similar as an option. Jeremiah is a lovely name, but with Markey it's a bit repetitive. Say it aloud a few times and you notice the 'ma-ma'. Lyor is an interesting name, Leo is another alternative. Less 'ghetto' if you will and more familiar, yet not overused. Miso makes me think of miso soup, a salty Japanese dish. Miso as an ingredient is getting more familiar in the west as well, so miso as a first name would be risky. Milo would be a nice alternative. In my opinion at least. Anyways, great imagination, I'm sure you can find lovely names for your future children.
Reply:the first boys name is pretty white bread but the rest are all ghetto. i went to low-down schools for the most part, and there were alot of names that looked like the ones in your list on the school roster. but when everyone else has long and unpronouncable names like that, it's the british and jewish names that get weird looks (trust me, i have a really cracker name and it happened all the time)
Reply:I knew a girl named after a Led Zeppelin song, cashmere. I thought its a good name but not with Cartiar. I have also heard of Janay ...If you have a flashy first name, make the middle name simple.

Jeremiah and Martell are great. Ditch everything else
Reply:Mother knows best.

Maiya and Jeremiah are fine, but the others are terrible.
Reply:Ghetto lol NO I think their Unique names I'll love to have those names my name is pernounced (Amya)Amia Rae Cruz

wich is simple and easy which menas its boring, but I LOVe the first three names
Reply:little bit, but they're really pretty and unique! if you like them, then who cares what other ppl think?
Reply:They are a little ghetto, some are more than others. If those are the names you truly want to use, then go for it... Just remember people will have to be able to pronounce them..

I like Dajiana Janay for girls, and Jeremiah Markey for the boy... Best wishes!
Reply:Dajiana Janay - very ghetto

Kazzmier Cartiar - very very ghetto

Maiya Janay - a little bit ghetto

Jeremiah Markey - not ghetto

Lyor Martell - ghetto

Miso Jameer - ghetto

In the UK we would call them "Chav" rather than "Ghetto". A "Chav" in the UK is like a mixture of White trash and Ghetto.
Reply:Jeremiah and Maiya are the only non-ghetto sounding names!
Reply:i like all of them ..they arent ghetto they are unique and chances are you wont come across someone else with those names..thats what i think about them..
Reply:Yes a few of them do sound a lil ghetto...I like Janay and Jeremiah. Dajiana and Kazzmier Cartiar sound ghetto. U don't want to name your baby a ghetto name because it could mess them up in the long run....For ex they go to apply for a job and they see a name like Dajiana they are going to automatically assume that the applicant is black and ghetto just from the name. I'm black also and I'm trying to figure out a name for my baby.....I know I do want a name with meaning and that will not give the race away before a person meets them.
Reply:Lord I can hardly pronounce those even with the help! Girl get it together those names sound like some ghetto bad azz bay bay kids. That movie might have been before your time...but anyway Maya is like the only relaxed chill name Oh and Jeremiah too! That is a mouth full do you know what they would be called b/c of the way you are spelling them. Sad attempt at originality!
Reply:It's the spelling that's ghetto.

In the ghetto no-one can spell.

Kasmir would be fine.

Cartier would be fine.

Maya would be fine.

Maybe your mum spelt your name ghetto but you like it so

keep it as a middle name. I'd spell it Jennae or Genet.

Jeremiah is fine. Marky is a nickname for Markus.

Lior is fine. Martell is fine.

Miso is rice. Jamir is fine.

You shouldn't over do it. Tame it down a bit like:

Cartier Genet that's French and spelt correctly.

Marcus Amiel is nice, Not over the top.

You should want your kids to go to university and be

taken seriously in life.
Reply:daijiana sounds like a mustard.

Janay reminds me of forest gump alittle.

Lyor looks like liar but the lee-or pronouncation remind me of eeore from winnie the pooh.

Martell reminds me of the company that makes dolls.

Miso reminds me of the line me so horny...

I only honestly like Jeremiah out of any of the combos but not super thrilled with the middle name.
Reply:I like Jeremiah and Maiya. The rest I would let be.
Reply:Please do the baby a favour and name it something reasonable - your mum is right - these names are terrible... It sounds like you made most of them up! If you love them so much (since the 6th grade, no kidding...) get some pets and name them all of the above. Then when you have a baby, name it something he or she will be happy with as an adult. Please.

If you have to choose something out of this lot, go with Maiya (which I would change to Maya) or Jeremiah - these are ok names! Everything else - NO
Reply:Snookies answer was right on, but it is your choice go with your heart. Most adults dont go around judging peoples names.
Reply:Maiya Janay is very pretty-I made it a point not to let my family in on any of my choices because I didn't want anybody to try and influence my decision. I also didn't want anyone else to take credit for naming my child. Best of luck to you, and a blessed birth!


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